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We’re excited that you’re considering St Joseph’s for your child’s learning and development. Our qualified educators love nothing more than fostering curiosity through holistic learning, no matter the child’s learning level. If you want more information on how you can join our inclusive and safe community, then head to our enrolment page for more information. Or you can get in touch with our wonderful staff on our contact page wed love to help you. 


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Who We Are

In 2008, St Joseph’s celebrated 100 years of Catholic education. Our primary school was opened in 1908 by four Presentation Sisters, and we are proud to carry on their values and traditions. At St Joseph’s, we strive to inspire and motivate each child towards achieving their full potential through the love of Jesus Christ.

Explore Our School

See what St Joseph’s has to offer.

Our Staff

Our staff are qualified educators who guide our students through learning and faith formation.

Our staff are qualified educators who guide our students through learning and faith formation.

Our curriculum

We cover all seven key learning areas (KLAs) with our students and offer a range of extracurricular activities.

Our Students

We welcome all students to our school and cater for a variety of learning needs.

Our Values

We live out our values each day.



Living, teaching and celebrating the Catholic faith in our community.


Each Child’s Gifts

Creating educational opportunities that will develop each child’s gifts.



Fostering respect and cooperation among all members of the community.



Creating challenging and supportive environments that encourage communication and self-responsibility.



Encouraging students to be responsible for contributing to a better world for all.

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Frequently asked questions

No, your child does not have to be baptised to attend our school.

You need the following documents to enroll your child:
– Proof of your child’s residential address
– Birth certificate or other identifying documents
– Copies of any relevant court orders, if applicable
– Immunisation history statement.

Yes, we have a School Council. The School Council is made up of the Parish Priest, principal and four to six elected parents. They support the principal and school on matters of policy relating to the wellbeing and direction of the school.

Yes, you can order lunch for your child every Friday. Write their order on a paper bag or envelope with the payment inside. You can view the menu online or we can give your child a paper copy.

We are committed to assisting students who require additional support in their learning. We have an Inclusion and Diverse Learning teacher on site at our school. Assistance is also available from personnel at CEDWW. Pastoral care is provided in the first instance by staff, with referral to the school counsellor if deemed appropriate.

Contact us

Get in touch with our staff today and we can help you fulfil your child’s educational needs.

Phone number

(02) 6920 5437



Ferrier Street, Lockhart, NSW 2656

Office Hours

Monday - Friday:

8.30 am - 3.30 pm